Examples of guided tours

Taking people to walk together with experts and visit different outdoor and indoor locations fostered informal interaction and communication between participants on various scientific topics.

The series of guided tours on different ocean topics was organised by the consortium during the project in all the involved countries gathering thousands of participants.

SYKE’s exploration of the real research vessel Aranda in Finland at the tent village next to it was a meeting point to discuss issues related to the Baltic Sea and its protection, from marine research to marine diet, from laboratory work to family activities

ThermoBlitz event, Let’s dive underwater and Let’s analyze this plastic!, are important events in which to informally meet marine researchers from the University of Malta and experts from the Explora museum to talk about burning and increasingly current marine topics


Discovering the main mammal and bird species in the Danube Delta through horseback riding, and their role in deltaic ecosystems, and releasing young sturgeons in the Danube in Romania with the DDNI team is a chance to understand the role of the coastal transitional environments

Exploring the tidal environment, discovering the connection between land and sea, as well as between Earth and Moon in the company of ASPEA experts can open the eyes and minds of citizens to the wonders that surround them, and give rise to new questions that need to be found of scientific answers

A deep dive in the Lagoon of Venice or along the Italian coast accompanied by CNR and DVRI researchers, as well as hiking in the mountains or in our ancient cities can give us the chance to discover the sea and its influence even where we do not expect it to be present

Meeting experts of various kinds on board the research sailboat Aldebaran in Strasbourg can be an opportunity to discover the technical and scientific skills needed to enter the world of sailing, but also to understand the link between the hinterland and the sea.

Cleaning a beach, dune or pine forest enabled citizens and families to discover the profound impact of our daily lifestyles on the coastal marine environment in all EU RSAs

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